Friday, February 13, 2015

Junelle Jacobsen's Saturday Morning Blocks Class ....

Seriously .... makes my heart sing!! I just adore Junelle, her teaching, her love for art and of course, her own amazing art!! I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of weekends of her classes but I sure do love her online classes too!!  This month is her Saturday Morning Blocks Class.  If you have never taken a class from Junelle, then please jump right into one - I guarantee you will learn a ton and laugh a ton too!!  I have taken quite a few online classes ... and hers are my #1 - learn the most and walk away with new ideas classes!!

These are just two projects that I did this week - the great thing about the class is that you can really work along with her.  Of course, you might have to pause for drying time (or perhaps, the child that is home sick.) So go now, run to her webpage and take a class!!  

Yarn Bombed Trees - Who would have thought of this .... just amazing Junelle! 

And of course she does a lot of sketching ... and she sketched her mom's art space - and suggested we sketch what is around us.  So I did my art space on a block.  You know, at first I thought that it would be crazy hard to piece together everything in my room.  But honestly, it was so fun to break it down into shapes and colors - 

And then the real space - but know - we had just recarpeted this room.  So EVERYTHING was out and then when I put everything back in it looked this neat!!  So I took a picture to capture the moment of calm and clean .... 

Okay, so enough gushing about Junelle - but do let me know if you take a class from her!!!

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