Monday, October 1, 2012

So, I finished another Journal.  I kinda hate that.  I just want them to keep going, I have more to say . . . my journey in this journal is far from done but I guess that is the point.  One journal leads to another and another.  At least journals help me save on canvases!

So the first page in the new journal was inspired by So You Think You Can Dance.  I wish I could dance, so I will have to just learn how to use journals to express myself the way dancers feet take them along!  So miss this show when it isn't summertime!  

 Playing with tar gel and inks . . . and I love these colors!! 

Had to use the word Shine.  It just stuck in my head.  At first it was the old bible school song, "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory" . . . over and over.  Then it was Rise and Shine!! Then it was Shine On, Shine On Lyrics from Van Halen's Humans Being in the movie Twister . . . (oh yes, that movie follows me everywhere I go!)  But I love the Keleidoscope paper and I had to cut into it and use it!! You can't tell from the picture but I covered the circles in glossy accents so they do stick out a little more in real life! 

And the missing picture is the experiment with black tar gel and stencils . . . it was quickly peeled out and covered with pan pastels . . .but that is still a work in progress!