Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hot Air Balloons - I love them!

Who doesn't love seeing a hot air balloon floating in the air and watching it until it disappears?  In the fall, we see several hot air balloons floating around here and I just love them!!  I love to watch them come and go behind trees and buildings.  And in the end wonder where they finally land?!  I find myself drawing them in my sketchbook all the time!  But honestly, I don't think I could ever ride in one ... so I just enjoy watching them floating through the air and making them out of paper!

While I was experimenting with pallet wood, I was seeing what ink spray would do on the wood and had this leftover piece left sitting on my desk. I just love the way the ink sinks into the dry, rough wood grain of the pallet wood. 

But then I added some map paper and liked it more for hot air balloons.  So I pretty much covered up the pretty stencil pattern on the front ... whoops!

Then I got to work on my balloon pieces.  I covered some burlap in gel medium to make it stiffer.  I also love gel coated burlap because it doesn't fray.  I love that it gives me burlap options!!

And finally I finished up the background ....

Glued down my pieces, doodled, highlighted and finished up!!

And this is how the back ended up!

And some close-ups!!



  1. Love love love this, I want it!! Also were you watching bachelor last night bc there were hot air balloons on there!

  2. You can have it!! Just drive on down and pick it up!! And no, I didn't see the Bachelor ... I didn't even realize there was one tv right now!!! Yikes, I am falling behind in my reality tv watching!!!

  3. Fabulous, Karen!! Gosh, I just love what you're doing with the pallets!! Completely AWESOME!! I enjoy watching hot air balloons, too--I would never ride in one either!! LOL!! It's hard enough getting me in an airplane!! XOXO-Shari