Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #24! Butterflies and Blooms!

Welcome back Challengers!! Here we are again with the  Monthly Mixed Media Blog Challenge #24!!  This month we have an awesomely fun challenge!! And the wonderful Ken Oliver is with us this month as our guest designer!! He also has brought with him an awesome prize - one lucky, random challenge player will win a Set of Color Burst Caribbean Brights and a Best Ever Craft Mat!!  (SO awesome, I have really wanted to buy one of those mats myself!!)

SO, come and play with us!! Our theme this month is Butterflies and Blooms! Perfect for this time of year because I am planting the blooms and really hope the butterflies will come!! And also, a really fun challenge for mixed media!!

Here is my project for Butterflies and Blooms!

I started with plain white tissue paper and inked it up with black script!

Next I took ultramaring blue color burst and watercolored it onto watercolor paper.  (But for I mis-calculated and stopped a little short ... you'll see where later!)

Using matte gel, I prepped my canvas and the back of the watercolor paper to stick together!

Using matte gel on the back of the tissue paper, I carefully put the paper down onto the watercolored paper.  Then I gently wrinkled the paper to give some texture to the background.  Then I brushed on Ken Oliver's Liquid Metal in Platinum for some beautiful shimmer!

And the fun part - playing with my colorbursts!  I watercolored with them, I sprinkled them and I used them with stencils!! I loved the way this one came out.  I was working on another canvas and just wanted a frame around the edge.  I placed a piece of watercolor paper in the middle and used a stencil and colorburst. The edge of that canvas turned out great.  The overspray piece,  I LOVED the design and colors so much, I knew I had to use this piece somehow!!  I used Color Burst in Ultramarine Blue and Lemon Yellow to make this.  (I might have also sprinkled on a tiny bit of purple!)

I used tissue paper in my printer to make the text.  I found the quote on Pinterest and tried a couple different fonts and sizes until I found the perfect one.

The stenciled, color-bursted paper was cut into the shapes for the 'hills.'

I glued them all down! But I cut the hills ... and somehow I miscalculated something and the line of the watercolor paper was visible.  Luckily, I just took some colorburst and painted in the missing color part!

Now, somewhere in the middle of playing the colorburst, I used a Linnie Blooms butterfly stencil kit and other stencils to make the butterfly shapes!! Loved them!

Then a little doodling and shading to finish up!  This was so much fun! I made a complete mess of my desk area and my fingers were completely covered in color!!

Now it is your turn!! Go create something with butterflies and blooms!! So much fun and I can't wait to see what you all come up with yourselves!!  Come and visit us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!