Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Two Bums Up!"

 Yikes, I am getting behind here!!  This rainbow pic was just a crazy fun page.  Jeremy and the girls had spent the day at the Fernbank museum learning about the 'Scoop on Poop.'  And brought me a pad of paper made from elephant poop to use in my journal.  Well . . . I really didn't want to use the paper but broke down after some really sad faces looked into my book.  So after we saw a rainbow over the house one morning I felt inspired to make this page and guess what, the poop paper was just the right size for a house shape.  SO here it is, the crazy rainbow and poop page.  "Two Bums Up!"

I have been dying to use this sccenic route paper!! I have kept it and stared at it and waited for the picture to come to me.  So last week, I just ripped into it.  I was getting to the end of the journal book and not really sure what I had learned from it or myself.  SO I just asked myself the good ole' reflection questions.  What is next?  Where to go?  And this journey page evolved at the end of the book.  I also didn't make this page at home.  I worked on it at Altered Angel.  So i found it quite different not working by myself but having others ponder what the heck I was doing. But I love the colors and layers, it works for me!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

 This snail was climbing on our door the other morning.   I loved his long antennae and the muted colors of his shell.  He didn't seem to be in a hurry just cruisin' along the door frame. It would be nice to sometimes not feel like I am always in a hurry or living by the clock.  But then, I wouldn't trade my busy life for anything because someday, the kids will be grown and my busy life will slow down on its own.  As it is, the girls are growing up too quickly already!

And here is my girl of the week.  I loved this new paper and had to use it.  I found that her dress kind of took on a life of its own.  I used rub-ons to look like lace and some ribbon to cover up a belt that didn't work out too well!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween already?? Oh yeah!!

Getting Ready for Halloween!!  I saw these three guys at Micheal's and took some pics!  Then I tried to get them on cavans!!  Frankenstein is my favorite!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

 I took an online class called the Art of Wild Abandonment.  I adored the instructor, Juenelle Jacobson and her simple and inspiring instruction.  The other wonderful element of the class was seeing other classmates  creations.  This girl was inspired by a classmate but I had to put her into my journal too!! 

These are my babies and they are just growing and growing.  I took this picture last winter, just before spring in the 'woods' behind our house.  I know when they are older and look at the size of the space they will be surprised at how small it really is back there.  But for now, the trees, the insects, and the little hiding spots keep them busy for hours at a time.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just because.

 The beehive.  Just for fun.

I love using modeling paste to make different shapes on my page.   You can do so much with texture using paste.   Then I went a little crazy matching the hearts with bold patterns.  In the end I really liked how it turned out! (And I took some good notes and put them in the envelope!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pages, Just more pages!

 I journal because it is an amazing way to  express myself.  I hated keeping a diary.  As much as I love words and have a degree in English and Communication ... I find it so much easier to actually create my words with paints, paper and mixed media. 

I wanted to put so many different pieces of paper together.  I knew that modpodge wasn't going to be enough so I thought that sewing the pieces together would create an amazing texture!  It was a happy day!!

 And this flower is modeling paste.  Totally fun!!

And a little nature for inspiration . . . this guy was sitting outside my window the other morning.  I loved how his detailed wings matched the leaves behind.  Amazing.