Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Owls!

So, the sketch looked better in my sketch book . . . but I still wanted to make Christmas owls! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I finally took some pictures!

I did! I finally got out the camera and took pictures!  My backyard is full of flowers right now! My marigolds, which have been blooming all summer, are taking off again and going crazy! In fact, I water colored a picture of  of my marigolds because I stare at them on my deck while I am journaling. So I felt like they needed a little attention.  However, my sketch in my sketchbook turned out WAY better than my final art journal page.  Probably, because my sketchbook is so much more simplistic, and I put way too  much into the art journal page and then tried to take it out  . . . but I will put it on here because good or bad it is in there.  Although, the gesso is calling me to cover it up.   

My Camellias are blooming now too.  They are amazing shades of red and pink.  Some of them even have purple on the edges, and they just look so pretty.  Anyway, they are all inspiring.

And here is the marigold page . . . the planter box is too big, the blue in the sky too much and it kills the colors of the flowers.  So it may stay in the journal . . . it may not.

She Art! I love Christy Tomlinson's She Art!  Sometimes it is just fun to create a simple page.  I saw a picture of a lady carrying balloons on pintrest. I sketched her because she looked so joyful and happy.  I honestly thought, those balloons would make me happy too!

 And this page was inspired by the class The Art of Wild Abandonment 2 with Juenelle Jacobson.  In the class she had created an amazing picture of houses stacked on top of each other and talked about the houses in her life.  Anyway, while I wondering about my own home, one of my girls said to me, "Hey mom, you know in 8 years, we won't live here anymore! We will be in college!" And it made me sad.  I really felt like these last 10 years have slipped by and that soon, yes, my girls will be making homes of there own.  So, here are there homes.  But I am sure that I will always be hovering over them, like the awning!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

No really, I have been journaling!

Well, October was the month of crazy!! But even though I didn't post any work, I was fitting it in!! Here are a few for today!