Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have Been SO BUSZY!!

So I have been SO crazy trying to get a binder project finished, that this
pretty much all the work that I have done for the last few weeks! (Well, except for get ready for Christmas!)  I took a few older journal entries and re-did them but I also added a few too!! It was so much fun!!  I have pics and more art-journaly entries in the binder to mix it up! In the back, there are a few drawings that will end up becoming pic pages, but they are just my quick first quick sketches!
  I have to admit, that I usually alter an old book and make it my journal but this binder was really nice to use.  I could take pages out and move them, I can take them out when I screw them up and I like the size.   The cardboard pages held up to my paint and spray abuse.  The chipboard cover held up to me too!!  (That is saying a lot because I am messy and tend to drop things repeatedly!)   

This is the front inside cover.  I took a file folder, cut it in half and glued it in to make a folder/pocket in the front.


I had originally planned to put clear plastic over the window panes, but it just seemed to take away from the colors of this page that I love so much!! Maybe next time!
This is a re-do from my last art journal.  I just loved using the slick tar-gel with the crazy patterns.  A mess, but I love it.


My favorite quote ever . . . had to have that in my book!

Loved this paper!! It just makes me happy!!

A favorite journal page!!

New journal-y pages!

 Houses, love them.  I could just draw houses all the time!

And that is it!!  So much fun and pretty much done!! I have some more shading and doodling to do throughout the pages, but I am liking the final project!!