Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh, JR Ewing!

 I lived in Dallas Texas for about 10 years when I was a kid.  Still to this day if I hear the, "The Stars at Night are Big and Bright,'" I find myself clapping and singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas!" I can't help it!  When I sat down at my desk this morning the remake of Dallas was on the TV and I just felt a little nostalgic.  So even though, I am not too keen on the way the star turned out in my journal it was fun thinking about my childhood.  And I can't believe that Larry Hagman died and that soon, the remake of Dallas will be without J.R. Ewing . . .  so sad.

 And these are my favorite new tools . . . love the roller stamps. Seriously!! They are so fun!! The color wheel is fun too, because I have to admit, sometimes I really don't think about colors and then I end up with a HUGE mess!! So I am hoping that with the quick color lessons in She Art 3 last week, I can avoid mud puddles of color! 

These are a few items I want to alter. My husband eats altoids all the time so I keep the tins. I have quite a collection of them now and I have to do something with them!! So Pintrest, here I come!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Been working on a new class . . .

When I made the binder project for CHA, I loved the cover that I made. But since I don't have the binder anymore, I wanted to redo the cover on a cigar box that I found at Goodwill. So here are a few pics of the box I altered last week! I just LOVE hot air balloons. I might never have the nerve to take a ride in one, but I can create them right??!! 

And this week I started taking She Art 3 with Christy Tomlinson! I love her classes! Even if I can't sketch or paint like she can, I always feel like I learn a ton! So the first week, our 'assignments' have included sketching She Art girls and making interesting backgrounds!! I am only halfway through with the first week videos so who knows what else we will do this week!! Love it! Someday, I might actually make it to one of her classes in person . . . I can dream can't I?? 

These last two backgrounds are not my favorite at all.  But in the class she told us to keep the ugly backgrounds and we will use them next week . . . I don't know about that.  But I am willing to share the ugly ones just in case they turn into something beautiful next week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Journal!

Whew, I have had the worst cold these last few days and it knocked me off my feet!! But I did finish my art journal! I have loved working in this book. It was a big book and it was just pretty. That means though, I have to break in a new one . . . so I went with a spiral bound book this time. And I am going to turn the direction of the book so I can work on longer page, not a taller one . . .

This is the sketch I have for the first journal page. I saw this little house on pintrest and had to sketch! It was cute and wimsical, everything I love! 

And here is my final jounal page!  I like the new set-up of the spiral book.  I have turned it around to give myself some room.  So the first page, I like it!

I found these little mason bottles at an estate sale.  They came in this cute wire basket that fits them perfectly!! So this is the new addition to my desk!! I love it! (And I just realized that my desk clock must have stopped last night!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tables and Glitter!

I might not have been journal busy lately, but I sure have been project and life busy!! I finally finished the sofa table! I love it. It might actually be a little tall for the sofa, but I am fine with that . . . I might just have to get a new sofa to match my $20 table redo!! 

After a couple coats of General Finishes gel stain and a couple coats of their gel polyacrylic, I love it!!  The Annie Sloan chalk paint, just adds to the love!!   I also refinished an old stool that we had in the pantry and I have a desk that is going to meet the stain and paint in the next few weeks!! I love it!

The Gel Stain was super easy to apply!! I haven't ever applied a stain before and if it is this easy, then I am hooked!!

My project this morning was goody boxes for Julia's gymnastics team and all I had were these little gift boxes from Michaels.  But . . . as usual I am running behind and I need these boxes for tonight.  That means no paint or time to carefully cut out paper.  So I saw this idea on pintrest . . . of course I had to try it!!  I coated the top of the boxes with quick dry glue and dipped them in glitter! They look like I took a lot of time to make them . . . um, but really 5 mintues!! Love the easy stuff!!  And now . . . to sweep the floors!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Inspiration Pics

I got some cleaning done around the house today! So I am rewarding myself with a sit down at the computer! Here are some pics that I found SO inspirational today! 



Summer in Maine, from Pintrest.