Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Using different mediums ...

Well, I went a little crazy this week and created the same 'picture' three different ways!  It all started with a tiny little sketch in the bottom of my sketchbook and changed into three different projects.

The first time I created this pic, I used paper.  I tore up scrapbook paper, glued it down and doodled. Okay, sunrise. 

But after looking at the paper for a little while, it seemed like I could have used paint instead of paper.  And I was just going to paint over the paper, but instead, I took over the other side of my journal and created a paint version.  I used acrylics, silks acrylic glaze and some paper for the sun.  Loved it!

See, they are right next to each other in my journal! Just a great comparison of using different mediums to create the same idea!

Then out came the big fun!!  I had a wooden block, lightly gesso'ed sitting on my desk.  It was right there next to the Pebeo Vitrail and Prisme Paints that I recently got at Blick's. So I grabbed the Modeling paste and formed the base. Then the Vitrail and Prisme paints swirled on! So different!! I also cut a piece of hard cardstock into a circle, swirled the modeling paste onto it as well and created the sun. 

Here is the original tiny corner (not so great) sketch ...

When I was looking at the sketch I googled 'sunrise' and found this amazing and inspirational picture.

So there you have my last few days in the art room ... sketching, searching for inspiration and creating with several different mediums!! Try it!! It was a really fun way to create!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Mixed Media Challenge Blog #15

Wow!! August already, where has this summer gone!!  I barely had a second to create in my art room!! Luckily, I did really enjoy this month's challenge!! The challenge this month at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge is - Get Texty!! All you have to do is use text in your project!  I might have done it a little differently, but all you have to do is use letters on your project!! SOOO that means, you can definitely play with us this month ... who doesn't have a big bag of chipboard or stick-on letters that you could put to good use!! I just made sure that my 'texty' was the main part - well, the biggest part of my project!

And one lucky, random winner will win a $25 gift card to Ellen Hutson ... awesome!!!  Great store, great selection!

Here is my Get Texty project for the month!

I started out on with gesso and dark blue paint.  Using a credit card, I smeared the paint down the canvas to look like a storm.

Then I played around with one of my favorite new mixed media tools (well, new to me) Pebeo Vitrail paints.  They do some pretty awesome effects! The light blue paint that I used made a shimmery glossy look and the silver liner, gave some amazing texture.  LOVING this paint!

Then I made my tree ... yes, I know I have been obsessed with trees lately. I just think trees are amazing, their texture, their colors, and their shade on a really hot day. I could go on and on, but I think you all should know by now, I just love trees!!

Then I took some tissue paper and printed my saying (I found the saying on Pintrest) for the canvas.  It is easy to print on tissue paper, well, it takes some practice and you need to talk nicely to your printer, but you can do it!  I tape a piece of tissue paper to my regular printer paper and then put it into the paper loader like there is nothing different about it.  Sometimes, the ink smears.  This is usually because I put the glossy side up.  So make sure, if you try this, you put the dull side up for the ink!

I used gel medium to put the tissue paper onto the canvas.

The leaves are burlap painted with matte medium and green acylic paint. 

Then I doodled and highlighted to finish off the project!! 

Come and play with us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog!! You will be so happy you did!! Grab those letters and Get Texty!!