Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #8

It is time for another challenge .... this month's challenge over at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge is to use PINK!! I love pink!!  So please, come on over to the challenge and try it out with us ... it will be so much fun!!!!  I love to see everyone's work - such an amazing community of talent!!

And of course, there is a prize this month .... hold on .... one of my favorite online papercraft stores .... Ellen Hutson!!!  One lucky winner will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Ellen Hutson!! Woohoo!!!

And now, my Think Pink Project .... 

And some close-ups ...

First, I started off with a wood scrap! Thank goodness everyone in my family knows to keep wood scraps for me!! This one is awesome because it has a section of the piece that still has a bark section on it!!  I just used the flat surface as my canvas and then left the rough section!

I put tissue paper onto the wood and then painted over it through a chevron stencil.  Then I used a heart punch to punch out a ton of different pink hearts. Gel medium is the glue that sticks them together in layers to create the flowers for the canvas.  I also cut out some green paper for grass and leaves. 

The middle of the 'flowers' were a little bit harder to figure out what do because the centers where all the hearts came together just weren't pretty.  I covered some burlap leftovers with gel medium and let it dry.  Then after the burlap was dry and rigid, it was easier to cut out heart shapes without the burlap fraying everywhere!

 I put all the parts together, doodled, highlighted and then I was done!! 

I tried it out by my owl and it did look cute there...

I tried it out on my bookshelf, but it was too white and I even had to enhance the color of the pic so that it stood out ...

And then I put it on my front hallway table where it just looks perfect!!

And she ended up here in the front hallway!! Perfect for spring, which hopefully will come soon here in Atlanta!!


  1. I love this piece! Welcome to the MMMC team!

    1. Thank you Melanie!! I really love being a part of the team!!

  2. FABULOUS!! I'm glad that your family saves wood scraps, too!! I LOVE what you've been making with them!! This is such a fun home décor piece, Karen!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO-Shari

  3. Thank you so much Shari!! I have been having a blast in my art room lately!!

  4. this is a gorgeous project- I love it for it reminds me of Spring which I hope comes to NE PA soon!!