Friday, January 24, 2014

Love Owls

Have you ever started a project or a layout and not been happy with the finished project? That happened to me this week.  I made a long canvas with 5 owls on it but it didn't work for me and I just wanted to paint over it.  However, when I looked at the canvas there were certain elements that I liked . . . the background and two owls.  So I started over.  I took the pieces that I liked and remade them.   And now I LOVE my little Love Owls!! So I really encourage you, if you are working on something that just isn't going right, pick out what works and keep those elements!  You don't have to get it right the first time!  Keep trying!

I started by randomly stamping directly onto the blank canvas.

I used my gelli plate and white tissue paper to create another part of the background. First, I made a print of chevron and then a second layer of hearts on top. 

I used matte medium to put the tissue paper down onto the stamped canvas.  The transparency of the tissue paper lets you see the stamped layer . . .  favorite technique!

Next I cut out my Love Owls from Fancy Pants, Be. Loved. paper pack. If you get any Valentine's Day papers this year, THIS is the one you need!! The patterns, the colors the shapes . . . perfect!!  I LOVE it! And honestly, this paper could be used all year!! I am tempted to get a second pad of paper, just so I can have extras to use again! 

I laid out my pieces, used matte medium to glue them down. (I really like using matte medium, if you didn't know that by now.  I like that matte medium isn't as sticky or gloopy as glue or decoupage).  After the matte medium dries, I used pens and Pitt Pens to highlight and finish off the canvas!! 

 Thank you all for stopping by today!! Run as fast as you can and grab the Fancy Pants Be.Loved. Paper - I just can't tell you how much I love it!!  And I hope you all enjoyed my Love Owls and are inspired to keep trying when a page or a project isn't going as planned!!   (In fact, if you want to see the 5 owl canvas, I will bravely put it up just to show you ... leave me a comment though to tell me about a project you gave up on just to make me feel better though!) 


  1. Cute and yes I love that paper!!!!!!!!! I still hate that damn fall tree from Donnas class no amount of convincing will get me to display that!!!!!!

    1. That treescape was lovely - even your hubby thought so - lol!! (Mine isn't displayed either!!)

  2. Karen, I enjoyed seeing the five owls - just HAD to pop over and look - and was glad to read that other people have the same experiences! The five isn't bad but the ending creation is FAB! LOVE it!

  3. Cuuuuuuuute Karen,enjoyed seeing the before and looove the after!

  4. Karen,
    Great blog post, I think the 5 owl canvas isn't that bad maybe a bit busy but still cute. At least you have enough talent to save a project. I have some that I've left just sitting can't draw so every time I try it's a mess and don't even ask me to hand write that's really bad. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.