Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow in the South!

Whoohoo, I would never have guessed that the 50% chance of less than an inch of snow here in Atlanta, would lead to over 2 inches of snow with slushy, icy roads and 20 degree weather! It is a mess, southern style. So, what to do on a messy day,  I worked on my Journal52. This week's prompt is to: create your own character for your art journal. Your character could be a reflection of yourself or someone you admire or even a completely made-up person. 

 My journal entry this week is a character of how I feel a lot of the time, like a stacking Russian doll. I have so many different parts of me that work together all at the same time. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, an artist, a teacher, an organizer, a cook, a driver, a referee . . . so, this little lady is a character of my daily layers!! 

I took a couple pics of the background because I used pan pastels.  I don't usually use them because I haven't always had good luck.  But it was snowing and I thought, why not!  And I actually really liked how they worked . . . I used workable fixative and then used paint and stamps on top.  Love the way it turned out!!


The colors were a little bright here, so I mixed together some white paint and acrylic glazing to tone down the colors a little!  And then I made my Russian doll and doodled . . . finished!

These were my dolls that were sitting on the cabinet.  They were definitely my inspiration and models!


  1. I love the many layers of your Russian doll!

  2. Karen, I love her!!! She is adorable, and that was very insightful to make a character that represented all your layers! Very cute!

  3. Love this page!! Your doll is adorable - I love those too!! The quote is perfect. Love the bright and cheery colors.