Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What to do next time?

SO I have done an experiment. I made two different vintage trailer pics, one is acrylic and the other is watercolor. I knew that I wanted to paint a frame and make a trailer, but wasn't sure how to make them.

  I really love watercoloring so I drew and painted the first one on watercolor paper and tore it out. I mounted it onto a canvas board, created a frame around it, added some map paper and a saying.  I like it.

Then I drew one straight onto the canvas board and painted it with acrylic paint, doodled, and added the saying.   I like it too.

But I still don't know which one I like better, watercolor or acrylic?!?!?


  1. Well ... I like both of them, almost equally, but I think I like the acrylic one a tiny bet better, but then I love red! Sorry you can't come tomorrow! B.

  2. oohh I love them both but I definitely like the bottom one-the acrylic. I think it's because the color has more "pop".