Tuesday, September 10, 2013

$12 Goodwill Special and a messy desk - means FUN!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through Goodwill and this old preschool bookcase for $12!  I was SO excited!! I felt a project coming on!!  

So here are the before pics! It was good yellow preschool furniture with stickers and scuffs all over it!!  I wiped on and scraped off Citri-strip to remove the cleaner buildup and sticker residue. 

Then I sanded down the wood and stained it with about 3 coats of General Finishes wood stain gel and polyacrylic . When the polycoat was dry, I taped it off and spray painted the pegboard white!  In the end, I LOVE It!!  The bookcase fits under my counter and is an amazing place to keep my canvases!!

And my desk area is a COMPLETE MESS!! I have been working on several different canvases, my journal and balancing kids activities!! Whew . . . so here is my mess . . . .

And I am glad that my journal is somewhere that I can feel safe to create. The pages in my journal might not always be perfect or pages that I want to show to people.  But without just having a place to get ideas out, I would never get anywhere!!  I admit that this page is not my favorite ... the colors are a little wrong and the sizes of the leaves behind the flowers are a little big. But I do see potential and it inspires me to try again!
 And just fun with new stencil . . . sometimes simple is just as fun as complicated!

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