Saturday, August 31, 2013

I am ready for Fall . . .

I am ready for fall!! We were treated to a wonderfully cool summer (perhaps a little wet) but I never really felt our historically oppressive Atlanta heat and humidity. But this week it hit here with a vengence. Break out the fans, run the A/C and stay inside after noon, Hot-Lanta is back! So here is my wish . . . for the fall trees and cool fall weather. 

It started out on my Gelli Plate with some Golden Titan Buff rolled on to it!

Then I put my Donna Downey Chevron Grunge stencil on top of the painted plate!

I laid down some white tissue paper over the stencil and pulled it off for one pattern.  Then pulled the stencil off the Gelli plate and put another piece of paper down.  When the paper pulled off,  I got the reverse image.  It was beautiful!!  I loved both of them!  There were even little pieces of teal paint speckled over it from the previous Gelli project!

So, I got a little excited . . . I inked up my Jumbo rubber stamp wheel - Say What - from the Scarlet Lime.  I rolled it over the entire canvas panel with brown ink.  LOVE IT! (If I do say so myself!)  

Then I cut out a TON of different size hearts from different paper scraps that I had in my desk.  My desk drawer is a paper scrap dungeon.  Sometimes scraps go in there for later and they never come out . . . but no, today I used those poor scraps.

Breaking out a new favorite art tool, Golden Matte Medium, to cover the canvas to stick down the tissue paper.  After it was down, I also covered the top of the tissue paper with a protective coating of matte medium.

Next, I made a brown paper tree trunk with some extra color on it with some brown and tan neocolors.  Rolled on Glitz roller woodgrain pattern for texture and glued it onto the board.

Now, the next step had me going CRAZY!  For the life of me, I couldn't manage to arrange the hearts the right way.  There was no pattern that made me happy and nothing looked natural.  So I walked away and did some laundry.  Then after a little while I ran back over to my desk, slopped on the matte medium and just threw the leaf hearts on the paper.  No pre-arranging or sticking to a plan . . . just as randomly as I could and still look like the top of tree!  It worked and I felt SO relieved because I really hate it when you think your plan is great but it doesn't work.  But you keep at it and sometimes just throw the plans out the window!   

After the heart leaves were down, I used my Faber-Castell Pitt pens to highlight the edges of the leaves. Took out my doodle pen, some rub-ons, a favorite quote and finished off the picture!  And in the end, even if it wasn't what I originally pictured . . . but it was done and I liked the end result.


  1. Very nice! I did a 'so ready for fall' journal page the other day too, but it wasn't that pretty ... just one of those throw it together and see what happens pages. But it got that hope for fall out of me and onto paper.