Thursday, August 8, 2013

Donna Downey was here!!

Last weekend, not only was my BFF Kelli here, but Donna Downey was here in town too!! Donna came to my local LSS, Altered Angel!! We had SO much fun!! Kelli and I signed up for all three classes that she was teaching, left the kids with my hubby and we went to play!! 

Now, not all of my projects are really blog-worthy, but I worked hard on them and wanted to share. I have really decided that I need SO MUCH more pan pastel practice because seriously, they are close to being gesso covered!! 

I can't wait for Kelli to come visit again . . . 

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  1. Matthew said I couldn't cover mine, that he plans on taking it....seriously. lol mine was close enough to make me cry. but the others were lovely and love them dearly!