Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Linnie Blooms - Guest Design!

I love playing with blank canvas!! You have so many options for color, texture and shape! Linnie Blooms canvas pieces took color and paint like champions!! It is my privilage to be a guest designer with her team this month! Thank you for stopping by!!

I used a deep edge canvas to create this piece. After I had finished, I wrapped the edges with a piece of burlap! I wasn't sure how it would work, but it REALLY gives the piece a finished look!!  But I am jumping ahead of myself . . . 

First I took a deep breath ... and cut a Linnie Bloom's heart shape in half! 

Then I lightly gessoed each piece of canvas that I wanted to use. . .
After the gesso dried I painted on some of my precious cobalt blue and added some white polka dots!  I also cut a snail shaped piece out of some scrapbook paper! 

Next I outlined the butterflies in black and painted them in with a butterfly design and added some jewelery wire as butterfly 'bodies.'

The background was made on my gelli plate.  I used a light coat of green and blue to make a whimsical looking background!

I watercolored the mushroom, cut it out and started gluing everything down! 

Be sure to check out Linnie Blooms!!
Linnie Blooms - by Linda Barutha


  1. Way to go, Karen! Love the canvas!

  2. very cute, i love the colors and the mushroom house, my favorite part :)

  3. This turned out so amazing! I love teal so of course I love this even more your colors are so bright and vivid!