Monday, February 23, 2015

Creative Blog Hop!

 I was to be asked by Donna from Donna's Crafty Place to participate in this fun hop. Donna is the creator of the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog and a DT member at the Christmas Card Challenge Blog.

The Creative Blog Hop works in a rather interesting way.  You are nominated to join the blog hop and the only requirement are to nominate two others to follow you on the next Monday and to answer four questions about yourself and your creative process.  Nothing to it!

Here is my project for the hop!! My little white church on pallet wood! This project has gone through several phases ... I knew I wanted to make a church since I haven't made one in a long time.  I also really wanted to make one that I had in my sketch book ... so I glued the pallet wood together and got creating! I don't know if this project is completely done ... so I have it sitting up on my wall waiting for me to figure out what to do with that window ....

Sing your song, dream your dream, hope your hope and pray your prayer. 
- P. Beatty

There are the four questions those of us who participate are asked as part of the Creative Blog Hop.

1.  What are you working on now?  This Church!  And also I am taking Saturday Morning Blocks class from Junelle Jacobsen so I am working on my sheep and cupcake stand blocks!! LOVE this class!! 

2.  How does your work differ from others in your genre?  I usually have pretty simple paper piecing and backgrounds. When I try to make too much - I end up creating mud!!  I just find myself pulled to the simple!

3.  Why do you create what you do? I have never taken a really formal art class other than art class in school. I was never good at the drawing or staying in the lines kind of art, so I figured art wasn't for me! But one day I was at my BFF's house and she had made a mixed media project for the teachers at her kids' school and I LOVED it! So I came home and watched every single video on mixed media that I could find on YouTube until I dove into the art supplies.  I create because I just LOVE the feeling of creating and the final thrill of finishing off a piece of work!

4.  How does your creative process work? Well, I sketch a lot in my little sketch book.  I look at pictures in magazines and on pinterest and sketch them down.  Then I take the little sketches and turn them into projects!  I cut out a lot of paper pieces, I use a lot of paint and doodle at the end!  I think that about describes my whole creative process! 

And, now it's time to share with  you the two people I've nominated to participate in the Creative Blog Hop next Monday, March 2nd!!

First, is Linda Barutha from Linnie Blooms!  She is an extremely creative artist that started her own mixed-stitch company!!  I love using her canvas pieces!

 I've also nominated Cathy Parlitsis, from her blog Stamps and Scrapbooks.
Cathy is super talented and just I love her cards and designs!!

And here is a little bit more about my process from the in-process church! 

Sketching onto the pallet wood that I glued together!

 Paper pieced church with some paint ...

First layer for the stained glass window ... hummm....

 So I highlighted the window ... hummm...

 I toned it down with some whitewash ... hummm.

 I broke out the watercolors ... I mean watercolors make great stained glass windows, right?

 Lots of tries ... lots of oops and aaggh and ugh.  But I picked one for now ...

So, next Monday, hop on over to Linda and Cathy's blogs to see what they have to say!!


  1. This is beautiful and water colors are perfect stained glass! 😍

  2. I just love how you used scrap wood in this project. So smart!

  3. This is an awesome project! So glad you participated in the hop. Loved reading about your process and seeing your tutorial.