Monday, September 8, 2014

Well, I didn't realized was how CrAzY things were going to get around the house and how MY art time was going to be slashed when we moved into our new house!  I did find away around losing art time ... making new decorations for the house!!  Our new entrance way needed some personalization, and while I was at the store I found a pack of home decor paper that came with design ideas.  So, as tired as I was, I decided to use one of the ideas from the paper pack.  But of course, I needed to put my own spin on things!!  Luckily, with all my supplies from Eclectic Paperie - I made this finishing piece!!

Here is the Before picture of our entrance way!

Then, I had one last blank spot in the bottom left ...

So for the final piece, I started with a plain wood plaque piece.  I coated it with gesso.

I used Dina Wakley gel medium to 'glue' down some dictionary paper.

And some fun Tissue paper for some visual interest.

Then I realized that the black and white keys and text were just a little too bold.  I mixed a little bit of plain white gesso with water to create a 'wash' over the paper.  The effect was perfect!!

Then I grabbed a chevron stencil and used my Dina Wakley Lemon Heavy Body Paint to stencil onto the black and white paper.

I LOVE this color!!

I added some black letters and used Dina Wakley's black gesso to go around the edge of the wood. 

I added some  picture hanging strips and put her up on the wall!!

And then I stuck the Happy piece on the wall!!  I love it!! It finished off the wall collection!! Now, I just need to figure out if I should paint the table yellow, gray or white?

So keep creating and using your pieces to decorate your house!! Putting up something I made makes us feel more at home in our new space!! - Karen

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