Friday, December 13, 2013

Pinterest made me do it!!

Every year the girls want to 'make' something for our family for Christmas.  So this year we made our presents and them I 'wrapped' them 'Pintrested' flour sack towels.  This was a really easy craft and they turned out really well!! (So family, if you are ready this, Merry Christmas!!)

I started with plain white kitchen towels from Target.  They sell them in packs of three.  They are thin and basic looking . . . but we can fix that!!

I used Golden paint because that was what I had around the house.  (Fabric paint, might really be the way to go, but I get this on my clothes all the time and it never comes out!!)

I used a paper doily. They actually still sell these at Publix, our grocery store, in with the napkins and paper goods.  Then I used these foam 'spouncers' to spounce the paint through the doily onto the towel! You could also use the Tim Holtz felt applicator too, it really is just about controlling the paint from going under the doily!  It was super easy!!  After a couple of towels though, the doily was done.  Although, once I let it dry, I could use it again!

I did a couple of doilies per towel.  Then I hung them up to dry!  The drying time was very short because there really isn't too much paint on the towel!! 

I also wanted to try stamping an image on a towel.  I have 2 old, huge stamps from Donna Downey.  I inked it up with archival, permanent ink and stamped the image a couple of times at the bottom of the towel.  This would be great for another project because when I wrapped up the presents the stems were upside down and it looked a little strange!!

This a pile of a couple towels! I just might have to keep some for my kitchen!!

After they were all dry I put the jars in the middle of the towel, gathered it up and tied it off with some twine and a little tag!! Simple, cute and re-usable wrapping paper!! Love it!!  Thank you Pinterest!! 

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