Saturday, October 12, 2013

Linnie Blooms Guest Design . . .Easy Holiday Gift Idea!!

Welcome to my 4th Guest Design for Linnie Blooms!! I hope you all have enjoyed the canvas shapes as much as I have!! It has been an amazing opportunity and I have really enjoyed working with the Linnie Bloom designers.

I know it is still October, but you know I like to plan ahead for the holidays.  I made this wooden board piece as a present to give this year!  

This is a SUPER simple project that anyone can do!!  I started with a piece of wood scrap. (You could use a canvas or even a heavy duty cardboard! Heck, this would even make a simple card!!)

Then I covered the piece of wood with whole piece of paper. 

Next, I cut an ornament shape out of a sheet of music.  I wanted to make a white ornament, but the paper was just a little too busy.  So I mixed some glazing medium with white gelato.  It made an opaque glaze and it was perfect!  You can still see the music notes and words but it definitely toned down the print!

I also took my Linnie Shape Big Heart and colored it with my red Gelato. I think the gelato was seriously made to color on Linnie Shapes, they work so well and SO easily together!! 

 Luckily, I had a happy accident.  One of the sides of the paper was just a tad too big for the block. I tried to trim down the paper, but it looked jagged. I opened the drawer of my desk and found sand paper. I sanded down the paper and it looked amazing.  Sanding all the sides and a little extra at the corners  makes the it look like the paper is part of the block.  Love it! 

Then I glittered.  I don't tend to use glitter at any other time of the year.  To me, the holidays scream GLITTER!! I put an edge of glue around the ornament and sprinkled on the shine!! 
I painted the edges to match the paper.

I glued all the pieces together,  bent a little piece of wire to make the ornament 'hanger,' and threaded the ribbon through.

I printed out some text, a holiday quote that gets me through the crazy season and used matte medium to seal the paper and glue it onto the background.    I finished off with doodling and rub-ons to give another layer!!

Make sure you stop by Linnie Blooms shop and the Linnie Blooms Blog for more ideas!!  We also have a growing Pinterest page, that will totally inspire you!!

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