Thursday, October 10, 2013

eclectic Paperie - Altered Box Challenge!

ePaperie October 'Get Altered Challenge' . . . Alter a Box!! 

Come on over to ePaperie and play along!!   You can win a $15 gift certificate to eP!

This is totally a Christmas Present idea!!  When I was a kid, I had a little wooden box that had miniature worry dolls inside.  It was my worry box and whenever I was worried, I could take out a little doll and tell it my worries.  Here is my take on a newer 'worry box!'   This time, worries can be written down and put into the little tin!  I think this might be my little box, because 5 is my special number!

I started with an empty Altoid tin.  Then I just got lost in the gluing paper, smearing on paint, rub-ons and doodling . . . I didn't take one picture of my process!!

I think it would be fun to write down your worries on little tags and put them in the box.
Plus, I put a little note in the bottom, just as encouragement!


  1. LOVE this idea, Karen! I had worry dolls, too, and so did my son, so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! LOVE all of the layers and stars (especially that little wooden one on top)! FAB way to alter the Altoid box! 4 is MY special number! GREAT project! LOVE!

  2. Darling, Karen! What a great idea! Now to find that one empty Altoid tin that I have somewhere in the house! LOL!

  3. Girl, not only do I love the altered look of your altered tin/box, I love the reason. I never heard about a worry box but I think it's an awesome idea. Love it and love the black and white stripes.

  4. Great idea ! And a lovely end result, must have a go at this x

  5. Karen I adore it.....from the outside to words of encouragement inside..I can see myself carrying something like this around...inspirational!!
    Big hugs
    Tracy xxx