Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just a Crazy Door . . .

I found this old George Washington plaque at Goodwill.  It was old and out of style, just begging to be used again.  And when I took out my sketch book, I found the perfect idea!!

 We were in St. Simon's Island this summer, which is a sleepy, old beach town in southern Georgia.  Beautiful little houses line little beach streets covered with shade from old oak trees.  In my sketch book this summer I had sketched a door from a beach house which I thought was absolutely amazing. The green vine around the door was covered in flowers and big green leaves.  The door was teal, but it didn't have the colorful inserts, I just loved this paper!

So here was George Washington and he finally met his match with Gesso. 

I mixed titan buff with modeling paste. I striped it across the board to make it look like wooden slats.  I drew on the door, painted it up and added paper onto the door panels. 
Then I needed the colors of the flowers to match the colors in the door.  I didn't have the exact colors so I mixed a bunch of paints to get the right colors.  I did this in little swatches so I could cut out little circles and leaf shapes! 

Then I glued them on with matte medium . . . 

My daughters said the house needed windows.  So here they are!!

I doodled around the door and flowers with my black pens ...

And as a final touch I went around the edges with distress ink on my fingers to bring out the edges like the original piece.

The door has grown on me.  I really like it.  A really crazy door, but it makes me happy.  ePaperie sells all my favorite colors of Golden paint and I used a lot of of paint on this project!

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