Thursday, August 15, 2013

Journal pages of fun!

The girls are back in school. Bittersweet but refreshing all at the same time. The house is quiet. The house is clean . . . all except for my desk space. I should probably take a picture of it for you. No, I don't want to scare anyone into thinking that my house looks like my desk! For real, you would be afraid. Now, I know that most mixed media artists and scrapbookers have some kind of hoarding (like my stencils or pens) but it looks like I need a television show to come and clean it for me. I just tell myself a messy desk is a fun desk!!

Here are the two pages that created yesterday and today. They were fun. Ever since we used the Faber-Castell gelatos in the Donna Downey Techniques in Color class, I have been using them for everything. So these two projects used them  to color pretty much everything. The only things that aren't watercolored with gelatos use Pitt Pens. I was SO excited to find out that I could move PITT pen ink around like watercolors on gesso! Who knew!! So the gate piece was a totally new technique for me because I used my brown PITT pen to do most of the color on the fence. So excited!! 

I didn't have a brown gelato . . . go figure.  I have every other color!  I took out my palette paper and started mixing. So fun!!  I did manage to make brown.  I mean I manage to make it when I don't want it, but it sure was hard to find the correct combo when I did need it! Then I found out about the PITT on gesso.  Genius!!  The ink just moved around and I used the brown gelato to change up the color and make it less flat. 

After I finished the brown I started adding in the green. I used the PITT pens to make flowers.  I just put little circles and then watercolored them to make bigger spots!  I didn't like how the fence all ran together though, that was my mistake and some overzealous brushing of color.  So I grabbed my new white China marking pen and broke them apart.  I loved it.  Thank you Sam Flax for having the white pencil!! I have a feeling it will be a constant lifesaver!

In the end I used PITT pens and doodling pens to finish it off!!

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