Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cover the Naked Sofa!!

Since I moved my desk from behind the sofa last week, I have had a naked sofa.  It sits in the middle of the room all by itself.   So I had the brilliant (insert sarcasm here)  idea to get a table and refinish it.  I have seen so many done on pintrest and blogs . . . I figured it was my turn.  Now, I found one that I totally liked at the local Goodwill, but the tags were already taken . . . so I went with the second best one.  It has Queen Anne legs and has some serious 1980's yellow oak going on . . . but I am going to fix that!!  SURE!! 

(It happens to be the coldest weather we have has so far in Georgia this year. That means that I am working in our uber messy garage, so please ignore the bikes and the car and the other stuff we keep out there!!)

 So far, I have bought the stain gel and started stripping the varnish off.  I used some goopy Citristip to start.  It is sticky and smells like oranges but it worked!! I can now see the oak without the '80's. 

Now, I am going to sand.  I bought sand paper!!  We will see how that goes!!  Go with the grain, right??

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  1. Karen, the table is lovely ... classic shape, and the stripped wood is very pretty! Can't wait to see a picture of it in the living room all decorated! :)