Monday, September 3, 2012

Pages, Just more pages!

 I journal because it is an amazing way to  express myself.  I hated keeping a diary.  As much as I love words and have a degree in English and Communication ... I find it so much easier to actually create my words with paints, paper and mixed media. 

I wanted to put so many different pieces of paper together.  I knew that modpodge wasn't going to be enough so I thought that sewing the pieces together would create an amazing texture!  It was a happy day!!

 And this flower is modeling paste.  Totally fun!!

And a little nature for inspiration . . . this guy was sitting outside my window the other morning.  I loved how his detailed wings matched the leaves behind.  Amazing.

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  1. ok petal tutorial, love those! oh and I have now added you to my following list on bloglovin' if you don't have that it's awesome! sign up for free and you can have your blogs in one place that you like to read! love that.