Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Two Bums Up!"

 Yikes, I am getting behind here!!  This rainbow pic was just a crazy fun page.  Jeremy and the girls had spent the day at the Fernbank museum learning about the 'Scoop on Poop.'  And brought me a pad of paper made from elephant poop to use in my journal.  Well . . . I really didn't want to use the paper but broke down after some really sad faces looked into my book.  So after we saw a rainbow over the house one morning I felt inspired to make this page and guess what, the poop paper was just the right size for a house shape.  SO here it is, the crazy rainbow and poop page.  "Two Bums Up!"

I have been dying to use this sccenic route paper!! I have kept it and stared at it and waited for the picture to come to me.  So last week, I just ripped into it.  I was getting to the end of the journal book and not really sure what I had learned from it or myself.  SO I just asked myself the good ole' reflection questions.  What is next?  Where to go?  And this journey page evolved at the end of the book.  I also didn't make this page at home.  I worked on it at Altered Angel.  So i found it quite different not working by myself but having others ponder what the heck I was doing. But I love the colors and layers, it works for me!! 

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