Monday, November 9, 2015

5 for 5 Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Day 1 of our 5 for 5 Thanksgiving Blog Event. Today our theme is "Watercolor". We are all sharing a project where we used watercolors. Each day our 5 Designers will post a Thanksgiving Inspired Project based on a theme. Some of us are offering prizes, so be sure to visit all the links below and leave comments.

Here is my watercolor project!! I did a little watercolor, added burlap and really weathered pallet wood slats to create this piece for my wall!

I started with burlap and frayed the edges up ...

Then I covered the entire piece of burlap with matt medium.  It makes the burlap stiff, but it dries translucent so that you cannot see the matte medium.

Then I tried swomething new ... I used matte medium on both sides of a piece of tissue paper and attached it to the burlap.  I wanted to watercolor on the tissue paper, but of course the paper was just going to suck up the water.  So the matte medium helped the watercolor stay on top instead of soaking in. And since the paint sat on top of the medium until it dried, it also gave me the opportunity to take off any watercolor goofs, of which there were many!!

After I watercolored and erased a lot of the goofs, I used my Pitt Pen to write the word Thankful! I was pleasantly surprised that my handwriting turned out as well as it did! 

 I finished watercoloring and doodling, I took out two old pieces of pallet wood.  These pieces look so rustic and awesome, I have been just waiting for the right minute to use them!  So I attached the watercolor to the boards and used some twine to hang them together! And I have a new rustic Thanksgiving decoration!


  1. Beautiful home d├ęcor project. Thanks for sharing your method with the tutorial.

  2. Gorgeous as usual Karen!! When you run out of wall space I think you need to start selling these!!

  3. What an amazing project,it's so simple and so special!!!

  4. Your Thankful sign is amazing... the water color leaves a very pretty !