Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today I have little project over at Linnie Blooms!! Here is how I used Linnie Blooms Stencils and my watercolors to create this little fun piece for my mini clipboard!  It was so easy to use the stencils to make my drawing and then color it in!!

 I started sketching and tracing flowers with my Linnie Blooms Flutter and Bloom stencil and mask set.  (I started it in the evening, so sorry about the dark picture!)

I used my favorite watercolors to color the shapes -  Magenta Quinacridone  and Cobalt Turquoise by Windsor and Newton!

And my two favorite greens (Viridian and SAP Green) for the stem!  Then I doodled and stamped to finish off my watercolor piece!

I painted some turquoise chevron onto a piece of Crate Paper scrapbook paper for the background. When it was dry, I glued down the flower!! 

And here is my final piece!!  I attached it to my mini-clipboard and sat it up on the table next to my desk!!  I love it!  The stencils gave me great shapes and I didn't even have to worry about messing up my lines - Linnie stencils made them  for me!!   

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I hope you have a wonderful summer week full of creativity and fun!!! 
 - Karen

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