Monday, May 19, 2014

Live Simply!

Well, I might have gone a little crazy but I just wanted to share with you a crazy little canvas that I made the other day!  Seriously, sometimes it is just fun to goof off!

It started with a canvas I had tried something on before but didn't like.  (So here is my challege for you. .. take out a project that you didn't like and just go over it with something crazy!!)  Here I went from ugly torn paper that wouldn't peel off .... to something just a little fun! 


 I copied a piece of my favorite vintage wallpaper and used gel medium to cover the ugly canvas. (Seriously, find a wallpaper book - they make fun backgrounds - I got this one off of Ebay!)

Then I was sitting around doodling in my sketchbook and came up with this little mason jar terrarium. Why not create something just a little whimsical?

 I actually cut out my sketch to trace it because I just couldn't get the shape right on the canvas!

 Then I created a washy-kind of paint (totally technical term, right?) with paint, acrylic glazing and water.  I wanted to play around with creating a 'see-through' jar, just like it was sitting on my shelf.  I also created a white-wash to put on the wallpaper around the jar!

And it worked!!  And I was SO excited, I didn't take another picture until the end ...  

but I cut paper, glued, highlighted, used rub-ons and doodled to create the finished project! 

I hope you enjoyed my little goof off ... now go create your own goofy canvas!! 
- Karen

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