Thursday, May 1, 2014

Image Transfers!! On Canvas?? YES!!

Hi Linnie Bloom Fans!! I am SO super excited to be guest designing here for Linnie Blooms again!! I have more fun playing with canvas and canvas shapes!!  And today was a FUN day!!  I was just goofing around with some new gel medium I bought at Blick art supply last week ... and OH, image transfer happiness!!

It all started out when I pulled out my little muslin bag that I keep my Linnie Shapes in and realized, how sad it looked being all plain and boring.  So I mixed up a little pink-ish paint and painted a stencil to design a background onto the muslin. 

Then I took out a Linnie Flourish pocket and stamped with brown archival ink ... and did a little more stamping!

I used some Helmar 450 quick drying glue to attach the pocket to the bag.

This is where the REAL fun began!! There are image transfers all over Pinterest and design blogs but I had never successfully made a good transfer.  I had my new gel medium and a copy of some vintage wallpaper.  Just try a little spot ..... I put the gel medium onto the canvas pocket flap and onto the paper.  

I pressed the paper down and let it sit there for just about 20 seconds.  Then gently rubbed on the back of the paper and it came off leaving the picture behind!! LOVE!

Love, Love, Love!!

Then adding embellishments, I was SO excited about the image transfer that I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps. (I might have gone a little crazy with the flower and ribbon, but I was SO happy with the new technique that I just kept gluing things on!)

This is the vintage wallpaper sample book that I have!! Some of the wallpapers look straight out of my Grandmother's house!!  I copy the pages on my copier so that I can use the pages over and over.  After I realized the image transfer worked I ran straight upstairs and copied a couple more pages.  I repeated the gel medium steps and had an amazing transfer right onto a Canvas Blank!!

SO MUCH fun and what a great background for another project!!  Can you tell how excited I am??!!

I hope you all enjoyed my project today!!  So glad that I tried something new - so try a new technique today and see where it takes you!!!  Then come back here and share what you did!!!  

And I put my Linnie shapes right back into their much prettier bag!!

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  1. The bag turned out beautifully!! Your book of wallpaper samples is a real treasure!!! {{{drooling}}} I didn't know image transfers worked on canvas.... thanks for sharing about it... and I will definitely try it soon!