Thursday, April 17, 2014

Linnie Blooms .... Spring Rain brings rainboots and flowes!!

 Welcome Linnie Bloom Fans!!  Aren't you SO glad that spring is FINALLY sprouting?? I adore flowers and I even love spring rain showers!! 

On Pinterest, I keep seeing these adorable pics of rainboots with flowers inside.  I kept trying to draw a boot ... but they just never looked right. That is when I KNEW the Linnie Blooms boot was going to work ... So I drew the design onto the canvas with a pencil and then cut the the little sides off ...

I painted the boot a bright pink and black.  Then I stenciled on a couple of bright white hearts and voila, CUTE BOOT!! 

I laid out the paper I wanted to make my flowers out of ... but I didn't like any of my green paper.  So I ripped a page out of my sketchbook.  Stamped some black dots and painted on green paint mixed with glazing to make it more translucent.  

I kept going back and forth about the background.  I love using wood boards for my projects, but for the first time, I just wanted to keep it plain (Crazy, I know!!)  Instead of paper and paint, I covered the board in clear gesso and sanded the edges... and I loved it!

I cut out my green shapes and used gel medium to glue them down.

I glued the boot down with Quick Dry Helmar 450.

Then I cut out the flowers and glued them down too.   I made sure not to glue everything down flat so that the stems and flowers literally jump off the board!! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Make sure to visit Linnie Blooms, to see all the wonderful canvas shapes!!  I hope you enjoyed my project and it inspired you to create something!!!  If you are new or haven't left a comment before, please do, I just LOVE hearing from you!!
  - Karen


  1. Hi, I have just joined your Blog as a Follower, I Love What You are Doing. This little Piece is Gorgeous I love your darling little Boot and thr way you have let the Flower Petals Fall away from the Surface. I am going to try this Technique with Flowers as I have some Darling little Cork Flower Pots just begging to be used. Thank So much for Your Inspiration. I just know I'll be a Long Time Follower.
    Cheers, Beverley (Downunder).

    1. Hi Beverley!! I am so glad the flowers inspired you!!! Welcome to my blog - I am SO glad you found me!!

  2. Found your wonderful work and blog via Faber Castell Design Memory Craft, and am so glad I did. You do such lovely work, and I am have just moved to Atlanta, so I was thrilled to find out you are local! I would love to hear from you sometime and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

    1. Hi Maureen!! Welcome to my blog and to Atlanta!! You will love it here - I moved here about 13 years and I can't imagine living anywhere else now! My local scrapbook store just closed, or I would invite you to join us (we have a really fun group of ladies that got together weekly!) So as soon as we find a new place to go - I will let you know so that you can join us!!