Monday, April 14, 2014

How about some new inspiration??

We spent spring break on the farm.  I absolutely adore the flowers, the rocks, the buildings and the animals.  These are a few of my favorite pics ... 

Little blue flowers growing ... I don't know what kind they are, but even if they are weeds, they looked so gorgeous against the rocks in the garden!

Just one of the many chickens.  They are so fun to watch because they take dirt baths, they run towards anything you toss to them like they have never eaten anything and they make a sweet humming of clucking noises!

This chicken is taking a rest in the tree ... they are so funny!

The start of spring flowers ...

This is the funniest chicken ever ... she never stays in the chicken 'pen' and has a real personality!

This is the baby calf that I wanted to bring home.  Shivers, is a little calf that was taken in during the winter because it was SO cold. She loves getting hugs and scratches ... too bad we live in the suburbs ...S

An old milk bottle ... seriously love the antiques here on the old farm!!

A little 1 day old calf with mama ...

The gorgeous rocks and flowers in the garden ...

Now, I can't wait to take these pictures and use them as inspiration in my art journal .....  (but I might need to do some laundry first ....)

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful images! I grew up part time on a cattle farm... we lived in town, but parents had a large cattle farm too and we'd spend every weekend and summer out there. Thanks for the sweet memories. :) Shivers is a cute little calf!