Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finally the Rain Stopped!!

 I feel like it has been gloomy and rainy for weeks . . . but finally we have had some morning sun shining!! So I took my camera out with me these last couple of mornings while I walked our neighbors' dog!  I tried to play with settings . . . and do different things with the camera.  Thank you Junelle Jacobson for sending us out on assignment!!

My Stargazers are finally blooming!! It looks like there are actually going to be several blooms!! I can't wait! 

This is the lantana from the deck planters.  The colors are absolutely amazing!!  I might plant more of these next year.

The mushrooms are evidence of the crazy amount of rain that we have had . . . they are everywhere!! 

My Gardenias are blooming again for the second time this summer.  I wish I could just bottle up the wonderful smell for you too!!

These are the blueberries from the backyard.  This year we have managed to pick a pint or two!! We really do need to plant more . . .  and these are a couple of elephant ears from around the neighborhood!!

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  1. what size lens are you using these are fabulous!!!!!! lets take a photo walk somewhere when I come :) yay!