Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Day with my Girls!!

We had over 3 inches of rain on Saturday!! Seriously, the rainiest (if that is a word) day we have had here in a LONG time!!  It was also National Scrapbook Day so after going to the best LSS (Altered Angel) and hanging out for a few minutes I headed home to some really bored kids. 

But you should have see the looks on their faces when I said they could use my paint and supplies.  So I gave them each a canvas, paints, glue and markers.  And I must say, they did a great job!! I just wanted to share them with you all because I was really surprised at their final products and what they did!!

I made this pic using an old scrap of wood as the canvas!! I really liked the size and shape of the board. 

And here is the last journal page I did! Still loving modeling paste!! 

 This is Grace's Project!  The girls just got a very large container of scissors with different edges and she really likes them!!  She also used some cute words:  enjoy, laugh, never give up and everything happens for a reason.  

This is Julia's project! She loves my Greeting Farm Stamps and has been BEGGING to use them! So, why not! I stamped it (because she was frustrated when she couldn't get it dark enough!) and she colored it in!!  And she was sitting beside Grace, so I am pretty sure that is where the house came into her head!! But she did write her own words: sweet, love, try and help!  She also wrote something else, but she can't remember what it was and we can't read it! lol! 

This is Faith's Project!  I loved her saying, she said it was on a poster in her classroom!!  And she knew exactly what she was doing from the start.  I wan't sure she had a plan, but when she cut out the words, it all made sense! Love.


  1. adorable....they need to be in my art camp if I do it this summer, with everything going on I'm not sure I will....

  2. Well, they are all great! Love your swinging birdhouse and birdies! And all the girls projects are great, but I think you've got a budding artist in Faith! Way to go girls!