Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am here!!

Finally, I have a post!! Between spring tennis matches and spring break, I haven't had as much time to work as much as I would like in my art journal. (I did manage to squeeze in Juenelle Jacobson's Art of Spring Class, which I LOVED by the way!!) Things are clearing up and I have SO much more time to devote to my real passion!! Here are a couple of the pages and a project that I have done! I also used a scrap of wood my mom gave me from the farm. 

 This is the scrap of wood!  I covered it in paper and paint.  Then I took it with me to Thursday Fun Day at Altered Angel.   There I stamped it and paper pieced a bunch of little birdhouses.   When I came home I added little embellishments to make it less one dimensional.  I don't know if I am totally done.  I feel like it needs something more between the birdhouses? And ideas?  I am planning on giving it to my mom for mother's day!

This is just a fairy door.  Since I moved my desk to the window to the backyard, I find myself staring at the trees and the fairy door the girls have on the tree out there.  So here is just a quick page.

This is a little piggy I did for the Art of Spring Class.  I adore the watercoloring that Juenelle Jacobson does.  She seriously makes it look so effortless and whimsical.  I just love her teaching and humor!! So much fun!

This is a random page.  I love the idea of a direction sign . . . it just needs something else . . . so really a work in progress!

I saw a picture of bridge like this on pintrest.  Since I was watercoloring for the Spring class I thought I would try to watercolor myself.   I have a LONG way to go!!


  1. love it all :) so amazing! Can't wait to see this stuff in real life!!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy, and they are all great ... you know I may have to lift a couple of your ideas! Wasn't yesterday fun? Okay, the birdhouse wood piece is perfect just as it is! LOVE the pig piece ... too cute! The road sign one (one of my favorites) ... how about some sun rays or something from one of the top corners? So glad to have you back, and can't wait to see more of your gorgeous art!!! B.