Friday, March 1, 2013

When it doesn't work . . . just keep swimming!

Have you ever made a picture and loved the idea but not so sure about how it turned out? I wanted to create a totem pole of some kind so I doodled this picture of a stacked heart, owl, butterfly and bird. I loved the idea but I am no so in love with the colors. So here is the first attempt, but I really want to do it over with different colors. I am just not feeling the love! What do you do when you love the idea but just not the final project?? 

So I going to remake my totem pole next week with less/more color? Who knows but I am not ready to give up on this pic!!

Well, the second project that I was working on met the gesso. After 'trying' to make an Easter egg tree I just couldn't stand the way it looked. SO instead I covered the whole canvas with gesso. However, the pieces of paper that I couldn't pick off were sticking through the gesso and I was making a bigger mess than I started with. So I added a stencil. Yesterday, I bought one of Donna Downey's new stencils at Altered Angel and today I threw it into the paint. Now . . . I will let it dry and then play!! 

And now onto a family weekend in Atlanta . . .


  1. yay for Family "stay cation" sorta! wooot! and oh how I love love that background! yummy! I say add cobalt teal and white to your birds and it will be better and maybe even more texture :) Love the totem idea!!!! But I'm not sure you need to redo it :)

  2. Oh Karen, it is so gorgeous, and I love the colors! And the umbrella is the perfect finishing touch! Have fun this weekend!