Monday, March 11, 2013

Been feeling the mojo . . .

So, I gave up on the little spiral bound journal. I just didn't like it. I found a new book and LOVE the size, the shape and the paper, it makes such a difference to find the right feeling journal!! 
I have been playing with gesso, clear gesso and tinting gesso.  I forgot how much fun simple gesso can be.  I have also been using my Art Anthology Sorbets, they give a little bit of texture and shine!  Love!

And here is one that went off the rails, but in the end, I am satisfied. I really do watch the robins every morning. And I really wanted to capture the spring sunrise that I watch with them, but that DID NOT work out!! Luckily, I am using a lot of gesso this week, so I covered up the offending issues (and there were a lot of them!)

And I love treehouses.  LOVE them.  I could live in a treehouse.  I always wanted to build the girls a treehouse, but even with all the trees outside, there just wasn't a place for one to go.  But I can build them in my journal . . .

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