Thursday, November 20, 2014

Little White Pitcher ...

Sometimes I think it is hard to get back into an art space after you have moved or even just rearranged your place.  I kept trying to sit down in my new space and work.  But the view is different, my supplies are in different places and the smallest little distractions kept taking over every time I tried to get to work.   But yesterday I finally pushed through the 'noise.'  I had a sketch of this white pitcher in my book and so I cut it out and got started!!  It felt SO good to get going, I had almost forgotten in the middle of moving, how much I just love creating!!

I created this piece on a big piece of wood. I started out by cutting out my shapes ... the pitcher and the wood stems. I also cut out my original letters, but I changed my mind and didn't use them in the end!!


I gesso'ed my paper down to create a background!

I wanted to add this shape, but not as a stencil.  So I sprayed the Dylusions onto my craft mat and 'dipped' the stencil into the ink.  Then I placed the inky stencil onto my paper.

I also used my Dylusions to watercolor the branches ...

At this point, I wanted some texture on my canvas, so I grabbed out my Linnie Bloom Canvas shapes.  I had some flower shapes that I had  sprayed for another piece, but hadn't used.  So I took those flowers and used the flower edges to make hearts!  SO versatile!!  I do find that if I paint gesso or paint on one side of the shapes, they are easier to cut and hold their new shape better!

I used plain white gesso to paint the flower for the middle of the pitcher!

Then I assembled my pieces, glued them down and did a little bit of doodling!

And then, whew, finished!!! 

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