Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Fence

Hi everyone! This week the Journal 52 prompt was Color swatch inspiration and I chose to be inspired by greens!!  I really love being challenged each week with a prompt that I haven't thought of myself.  It really is a fun challenge!!

I started with pan pastels and just rubbed them onto my journal page and created a base.  

Next, I brought out the stencils and added a few more layers ...

And after I was done getting the pan pastel color down, I sealed it with workable fixative.

I really did like the background as it was but I wanted to add a picture to the page and the colors were a little bright.  So mixed a little gesso and water to create a wash to mute the greens and purple colors.

Using old paper scraps to create my 'tree' and fence!

Now, came the fun part - what color to make the fence?!   I started with a muted green and brown idea. But when I painted up this green color ... and then the teal - I knew I had to go for the color!! 

I didn't quite have the right color paper for the job, so I made my own.  i stamped on plain white paper.  Then colored over the stamp with the awesome Silks Acrylic Glaze!!  They are translucent and shiny - what could be better!!??

I added in my purple flowers, doodled and highlighted with pens to finish the page!

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