Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Bazaar

This winter I participated in our local neighborhood winter bazaar.  I had a blast and really enjoyed talking to people about my art and crafting.  So this weekend is the spring bazaar and I am getting ready to join in again!  This time, I decided to actually plan my set-up because last time I was a little unprepared since I had never done one before.  

So, how do I get ready for a table at a craft fair??  Well today, I got out a white sheet as the base to cover the table.  I found my grandmother's old suitcase, a couple of little metal shelves from ikea, a crate, some old frames and my light up star.  Then I made a cute little no-sew bunting with fabric and stitch-witchery -love it!  I also have my preschool bookcase display!  

I filled a couple of jars with buttons and spools of thread.  Then gave them cute fabric tops just to have out as decoration. I hung a couple of little watercolors and glass heart ornaments in the frames.

I made price tags ... this is the hardest part for me. I read a couple of articles about pricing handmade arts and gifts ... hope I did okay!

Here is my preschool bookcase display - I sure do love this thing!!  It also has great storage on the back!! 

Wish me luck!!   20% of my sales go to support Habitat for Humanity and the rest goes towards supporting my art habit!!!

(And make sure to check back here to find out how I did and my next Faber-Castell design on the 30th!!)


  1. Everything is beautiful and your table display is great!!! Have fun and good luck!! I know you will do well... such gorgeous creaitons!

  2. Gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous Karen,wooohooohoooo I am sure you sold out...love your ART!!