Monday, January 13, 2014

$3.63 = My New Desk!!

One of my friends had this awesome desk that was just too big for her house ...  lucky for me!! A foot longer and a foot wider than my old desk - it gives me SO much more room to make a mess!! I am SO excited!! 

But I was really worried ... my last desk was a complete mess of dried paint, glue and permanent spray!!  I really didn't want to ruin this desk too! 

After a little bit of research, I found that I could get a sheet of plexiglass cut to fit my desk . . . but it was pretty expensive.   I knew I didn't want to spend the money on plexiglass ... I turned to Pintrest, of course, and I found a desk that had been redone with oilcloth!! Too cute!!  I got in my car and headed to JoAnn's this morning.  Unfortunately, the oilcloth selection was pretty slim and ugly.  But on the bottom of the vinyl/oilcloth display was clear vinyl . . . BINGO!!  1 yard extra wide was $6.99 - steal!! Amazingly, I was prepared and had a JoAnn's coupon . . . 50%!!  Whoohoo!!  1 yard of clear vinyl $3.63!!!  And it totally satisfied my, 'I have to do this now' feeling!

I took out my toolbox and staple gun!!  (I know it is pink . . . but my husband gets really tired of me putting his tools back 'wrong.' Even though my way of organizing makes MUCH more sense!!)  And I stapled the vinyl to the underside of the desk! 

I honestly have no idea how the vinyl is going to hold up.  And it doesn't stretch all the way to sides of the desk, but for now I will give it a go!! But it looks good and I can even put cute paper or mementos under the vinyl and see it!! Oh, I really hope it holds up!!  

And now . . . I have the fun project of redoing my old desk!! Bring out the sandpaper and paint!! Yeah, another project!!

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