Monday, November 4, 2013

ETeam Picks . . . Challenge!!

Watercoloring!! I LOVE it!  I would never have guessed that water-coloring would be so fun and relaxing . .  . until I tried it! Giovanna set up a watercoloring challenge over at the eP blog,  and I was SUPER excited!  SO, get a basic set of watercolors and get going!!

 I did this super simple little piece on the airplane coming back from visiting my Granny this weekend! Before I left I gessoed a couple of pieces of Simple Stories December Documented paper. (I like water-coloring on gesso because I can move the watercolor around for a little bit before it dries ...which means that when I make a mistake I can fix it easily!!)   In addition to the paper, I also carried with me a couple of brushes, my little tin of Neocolors, a black pen, a white pen and a waterbrush !  Sketch, color and doodle!  Try it . . . and come join ePaperie challenge!



  1. Oh what fun it is to ride on a .....singing here Karen, beautiful art and loved that you did it while on the go!!
    Big hugs

  2. Love it and yes, it is super relaxing. LOVE the theme and it looks like you are a pro at sketching too. Looks awesome.

  3. I can't believe you made this on the plane! LOVE how this turned out! Great tip about water coloring on gesso! Thanks!

  4. This is beautiful Karen!! Never tried watercoloring on gesso, I will have to try that :)