Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Bees . . .

The little bee that sat on my tomato plant yesterday, inspired me. I did a couple of sketches and then I just felt like I wanted to create this canvas. It was so much fun and just a silly little whimsical piece. 

I started by mixing Golden Teal paint with equal parts water in a spritzer bottle.  I then sprayed it through the Donna Downey Turkish Grunge stencil. I actually learned the paint and water trick from Donna!!  I love it because the paint is permanent and doesn't move again!  So it works really well as a first layer because you can build on it and not worry about smudges!

I stenciled in some lettering on the bottom of the canvas for another layer.  This time I used distress ink and I will have to be careful when I put paint over it!! 

Here is where I decided there was too much white space.  I mixed the teal and some mixing white and put it down on the canvas.  Then I sprayed it with water and moved it around the canvas.  This kept it thin and didn't cover up the stenciled teal spray layer!

For the grass, I mixed green paint with glazing medium.  This makes the acrylic more transparent because I want to see the text! I used an old gift card to make sure the layer of paint was nice and thin!

After the paint dried, I put a coat of Interference Blue all over the top of the canvas.  It just gives a shimmer and is translucent!

I drew on some bees and filled them in with yellow paint mixed with modeling paste to give them a pop!

I highlighted with Pit pens, doodled, put on rub-ons, stickers and paint around the edges!
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