Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wild Art Summer Fun!!

We are back from the beach . . .  kinda bittersweet. So glad to be home but I really miss the pace of a beach vacation!! I love the rhythm of waking up and drinking coffee on the deck while listening to the sounds of the beach, casually putting on swimsuits and heading off for the day. Granted, during the summer even at home I have time in the morning to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning, but then the fun of kids' activities begins!! 

My last few mornings have been full of art time though!! This is the first week of Junelle Jacobson's Wild Art Summer class. I ADORE her classes because they are easy to follow and she makes you feel like you can do anything! We have started with watercolor flowers and a cute block project!! Love. 

I have a LOT to learn about watercoloring!! I am putting these here just so I can see how much I can grow this summer while taking the Wild Art Class!!

And here is the yellow house that I watercolored on vacation put into my art journal.  The little yellow house had an adorable tree swing in front and I had to include it!!

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