Saturday, February 23, 2013

Been working on a new class . . .

When I made the binder project for CHA, I loved the cover that I made. But since I don't have the binder anymore, I wanted to redo the cover on a cigar box that I found at Goodwill. So here are a few pics of the box I altered last week! I just LOVE hot air balloons. I might never have the nerve to take a ride in one, but I can create them right??!! 

And this week I started taking She Art 3 with Christy Tomlinson! I love her classes! Even if I can't sketch or paint like she can, I always feel like I learn a ton! So the first week, our 'assignments' have included sketching She Art girls and making interesting backgrounds!! I am only halfway through with the first week videos so who knows what else we will do this week!! Love it! Someday, I might actually make it to one of her classes in person . . . I can dream can't I?? 

These last two backgrounds are not my favorite at all.  But in the class she told us to keep the ugly backgrounds and we will use them next week . . . I don't know about that.  But I am willing to share the ugly ones just in case they turn into something beautiful next week!

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  1. Okay, I can't believe you are afraid of riding in a hot air balloon! It's kind of on my bucket list, only Wayne won't go with me. He says he'll be happy to hold my purse while I ride! :)

    And the cigar box came out wonderfully! So pretty! And I actually like the 2nd and 3rd backgrounds best! So there! :P

    Great job ... hope you can make it next Thursday! B.